Whole Day Stress Was Relieved Just By Seeing The Smile And Messy Hair Of Her Which Makes My Mood Bright And Mind Colourful..And We Start Feeling What Are The Real Colours Of Holi…And Our Heart Answers Her Smile…..


What’s Love We All Think Its Something like  Butterfly In Stomach It’s More Than That.
When You Meet The Right Person  You Find Love  In Them ,  You’ll Not feel Something Called Lust Or AnyOther Feeling You’ll Just Feel Good For No Reason When You See Them They’ll Just Bring Smile On Your Face by Making You Laugh, Making You Feel Special Not By Doing Any big Stuff But Just By Small Things . If You Find Such Person In Your Life No matter What You Realtionship is friend, girlfriend Or boyfriend never Let That Person Go, No matter How Hard Situation is Try To Hold On If It’s His/ her’s Mistake Don’t take It On Your Mind Just Understand What Situation Is And  when Things Get cool Let them know. Sometimes Till The Time You’ll Realise He Was The One Or She Was The One May Be That Person We’ll Be Gone. No One’s Knows What’s Coming tomorrow , so If You got even Today Don’t delay It Talk To That persons Clear Your Misunderstanding . If You Haven’t Told Them What You Feel About Them , Let them Know, May Be There Chances They Are waiting For You to  Confess Your Feeling.  let them know all  Your Feelings Don’t Think About What They’ll Say After You say Your Feelings They’ll Either  Say Yes Or No But You’ll Be Happy Because You’ll Have A Satisfaction That You Atleast Told Them Your Feeling , You’ll Never Have An Guilt On your mind that If You Have Told Them Your Feelings What Would Have Happen. But If you Didn’t Confess Your Feeling may be You’ll end Up With Someone Who Was Just Trying To Attract you By acting Like They  Care About You Saying Dialogues And Etc. The Person Who will Get Jealous Who Will Always Make Time For You No Matter How Busy They Are , They Will Always Try to make reason To meet You, They Will call You Unecessary , They’ll Be Your Girlfriend Or boyfriend But Will Always Behave Like They Are Your Best Friend , Theyll Write Stupid Songs For You Or Something Special For you But Will Always Try To Do Something For You because  They Love You.  They Will Ignore You Too When They’ll Get Angry  .due to That May be they’ll Stop Talking to You, But after Sometime Again They Will Try To Contact You This All Happens Beacause They Are Mixed With Feeling where they love You But May be There is something Which is  brothering Them.  But Whenever You’ll Feel Low Stressfull Alone They’ll Always Be there  For You They’ll Talk To You They’ll Give You Right Advice They’ll Support You in Everything, They’ll Listen To You , They’ll Understand Your Problem ,  Sometimes Even When You don’t let them know Your Problems Or How SStressfull Youre They’ll Know It and Be They  For You, We’ll never know How They Understood The Things or Mood We Are In Even Without Saying Anything To Them because This is love

the Person’s Who Loves You Will Not Only Understand What You Said But Also What You Didn’t And Will Stay By your Side When You’ll Need Them They’ll Be There 

So  If You Have this kind Of Person In Your Life And Who Keeps Doing This all Things Now It’s Your Turn To do something Special for Them , If They Are Angry On You Make Them Up By Doing Something Special No Matter What Your Realtionship Is With Your Loved ones is Enjoy Moments With Them.

RiverSide Part -3

After Sending Text To Nina 

Fabian Waited For A While With Some Hope In His Mind That She Will Text Him But There Was no Text so He kept His Mobile At Desk And Suddenly his mobile vibrated And There Was A Message In Notification It Was ” Hey It’s Nina Here..  What Made You Message me” Fabian Replied “I don’t Know I just Felt Something” Nina Replied “it’s Better If You Don’t try to Contact Me It’s for your better ” Fabian Replied With “Why What Would Happen To Me ” but She doesn’t reply him and goes Offline Fabian Goes to Terrace Seat On His Sofa  And Start Thinking Why She said Like That What is she hiding Many Question Came To Fabian’s Mind So Decides To Go And Meet Her tomorrow And Sleeps 

Next Day It Was Heavy Rain In Riverside it was unable To see Anything Just some Part Of road Was Visible Fabian took His Umbrella And Began His Walk to School And While Walking, Fabian’s Umbrella got Away With Wind And He Was Getting Wet But Then He Saw Someone Behind him It Was girl With A red umbrella Her Hairs Were Tied And She Was in A beautiful White Dress She ask Fabian to Come Inside the Umbrella .They Start Walking For school Fabian asked What’s Your Name  She Said Her Name Is “Nina Martin” As Fabian Heard this He Was shocked He Said Yesterday “it Was You Yesterday we were chatting ” She said ” Yes I saw You Yesterday I thought May be You Saw Me And That’s Why you Texted Me ” Fabian asked  Her “Why you Texted Me Like That It’s better And All” After Hearing This Nina Replied ” I thought Let’s See  Are You Coward or Not  ohh yea you aren’t and she giggled” And Then Fabian Remembers If She Is Nina  Martin Who Was The Girl I saw  Yesterday And Fabian  said To Nina “On School Account Their Is Your Name And some Others Girls photo” After Hearing This Nina Said ” I know Fabian You Trying To scare Beacause I did But It’s not gonna work ” And Fabian Said” I am saying True “In serious Voice   After Seeing Seriousness on Fabian’s Face Nina Got  Scared And they Both Go To Their School And They Checked Again It Was Same It Was Another Girls photo and Name Nina Martin After Seeing This They Both Get Shocked And So They Go To Principal’s Office And Ask Them To Search For Nina Martin Profile And So Principle opens his School file in computer  And started To Type Name letter By letter ” N I N A  M A R T I N” and clicks Search And A photo Appears And it Was Not The other Girl The Photo Was Changed It Was The Photo Of Original Nina Martin seeing This they both Gets scared And Started To Think Who Changed this photos In Fraction of seconds principle Said Them  to ” Stop Playing Prank and Go to Their Classes They Both Started To Walk to Their ClassThinking About What Happened To That Girl But They Were Clueless And After Fabian And Nina Go To Their class A phone Rang In Principal’s Office Principle Takes The call And voice From Other Side says ” did Anyone Asked About The Girl ” And principle Said ” No Two Students Came Asking About Her But They Won’t be problem ” and Keeps The phone  And Seat in His chair And start Working

Riverside Part -2 

It Was Usual morning At riverside City Fabian Got Up And All set For His school Holding His Mobile In Hands And  Listening Songs. As School Came He Heard some Noise Like whole Crowd Was Cheering For Some One As he Found It Was For him Cause He mAde his Team Win The Football match And Then he saw everyone cheering Singing dancing As Their School Won The Match but there Was A girl seating Around In corner Her Hairs were Long blonde She was Silent Thinking About Something As if She has Her Own World Than She Looked At Fabian They Have the Eye contact Fabian Was Surprised As She Was very Pretty , But Still mysterious They Had A eye Contact Just For A minute But It Seemed like eternity For both Of them So she Took her Book And gone away Fabian shouted “Hey Wait” But the crowd take him away with them  And very Started congratulating Him For His Awessome Captaincy But He Was All In the Thought Of Her , He was playing the moment When They saw each Other On and on in his mind  He Asked Some Of His friend name of her’s But nobody knew Her Name.  He started searching Online In school website About the girl then He came to know that the Girl Name Was ‘ Nina Martin’ As soon Fabian came to know this He opened his Instagram and 
Saw That she Was the same girl Who started following Him on Instagram , So Fabian Texted Her “Hey Nina it’s Fabian Here I saw You At school” 
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Everything Has Some Reason,Everyone Has Some Dreams, Everyone Has Some Destination. It Just Depends On Us Wheather We Work  Hard or Not To achieve Our Destination, Our dreams. sometimes God Itself Gives A spin To Your Life And unknowingly You Start Your Journey To Your Destination. So This Is what Happens here……

Part- 1

 Fabian Rutter One Of Popular, Handsome And Kind Hearted  college Guy Who Stays In Riverside city . It   Was Full Moon Night at Riverside City . Fabian Was On His   Terrace . He Was into Some Deep thoughts . As Cold breeze Was Flowing He put On his Headphones And Sat on The Chair And Started to Think Again ,  Music Was Playing In His Ears His hand Was On his forehead and in other Hand He was Holding His Phone And Suddenly A notification Appeared On His screen , The Notification Was ” Nina Martin started to Follow  You On Instagram ” As It Was Not So Important He ignored It And Kept mobile Aside And Slept. ( BUT little Did He did Not Know Was the Name Nina martin Was Going To change His Life )

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Sometimes you have everything but you still In search of  something, something That’s Gonna Never Happen But Still In Hopes And Dreamlands May It Happen  and sometimes you miss some person and sometimes just memories With That person  the good memories yea we all miss some Memories . some memories u know u cant  have them back atleast you can remember them and be happy but still miss it Some Memories Are Been Captured By Camera and Some Aren’t , Beautiful Memories cannot be captured By camera but by heart no matter Where Are You, what are you doing This memories Never leaves You they just be there with you Till Your Last days.

 Sometimes The memories Are Beautiful and Sometimes They Are worst You Want to Forget Them And move on But You can’t You Try And Try But They Don’t  Leave You , That’s What Memories Are They Never Leave You They Stay With You Forever So Always Try To Make your Everyday so beautiful So Enjoyable That There’s no place for bad Memories and all you’re left with Awessome Memories And smile On Your Face So Make Your Everyday Enjoyable Spread Smiles Make Beautiful Memories And Live Your Life Till Infintiy

( Just A new Start )

Thankyou for reading…..