Sometimes you have everything but you still In search of  something, something That’s Gonna Never Happen But Still In Hopes And Dreamlands May It Happen  and sometimes you miss some person and sometimes just memories With That person  the good memories yea we all miss some Memories . some memories u know u cant  have them back atleast you can remember them and be happy but still miss it Some Memories Are Been Captured By Camera and Some Aren’t , Beautiful Memories cannot be captured By camera but by heart no matter Where Are You, what are you doing This memories Never leaves You they just be there with you Till Your Last days.

 Sometimes The memories Are Beautiful and Sometimes They Are worst You Want to Forget Them And move on But You can’t You Try And Try But They Don’t  Leave You , That’s What Memories Are They Never Leave You They Stay With You Forever So Always Try To Make your Everyday so beautiful So Enjoyable That There’s no place for bad Memories and all you’re left with Awessome Memories And smile On Your Face So Make Your Everyday Enjoyable Spread Smiles Make Beautiful Memories And Live Your Life Till Infintiy

( Just A new Start )

Thankyou for reading…..

Author: kabirastic

Taking A Leap Of Faith Instagram- Kabirastic

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