Riverside Part -2 

It Was Usual morning At riverside City Fabian Got Up And All set For His school Holding His Mobile In Hands And  Listening Songs. As School Came He Heard some Noise Like whole Crowd Was Cheering For Some One As he Found It Was For him Cause He mAde his Team Win The Football match And Then he saw everyone cheering Singing dancing As Their School Won The Match but there Was A girl seating Around In corner Her Hairs were Long blonde She was Silent Thinking About Something As if She has Her Own World Than She Looked At Fabian They Have the Eye contact Fabian Was Surprised As She Was very Pretty , But Still mysterious They Had A eye Contact Just For A minute But It Seemed like eternity For both Of them So she Took her Book And gone away Fabian shouted “Hey Wait” But the crowd take him away with them  And very Started congratulating Him For His Awessome Captaincy But He Was All In the Thought Of Her , He was playing the moment When They saw each Other On and on in his mind  He Asked Some Of His friend name of her’s But nobody knew Her Name.  He started searching Online In school website About the girl then He came to know that the Girl Name Was ‘ Nina Martin’ As soon Fabian came to know this He opened his Instagram and 
Saw That she Was the same girl Who started following Him on Instagram , So Fabian Texted Her “Hey Nina it’s Fabian Here I saw You At school” 
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Author: kabirastic

Taking A Leap Of Faith Instagram- Kabirastic

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