RiverSide Part -3

After Sending Text To Nina 

Fabian Waited For A While With Some Hope In His Mind That She Will Text Him But There Was no Text so He kept His Mobile At Desk And Suddenly his mobile vibrated And There Was A Message In Notification It Was ” Hey It’s Nina Here..  What Made You Message me” Fabian Replied “I don’t Know I just Felt Something” Nina Replied “it’s Better If You Don’t try to Contact Me It’s for your better ” Fabian Replied With “Why What Would Happen To Me ” but She doesn’t reply him and goes Offline Fabian Goes to Terrace Seat On His Sofa  And Start Thinking Why She said Like That What is she hiding Many Question Came To Fabian’s Mind So Decides To Go And Meet Her tomorrow And Sleeps 

Next Day It Was Heavy Rain In Riverside it was unable To see Anything Just some Part Of road Was Visible Fabian took His Umbrella And Began His Walk to School And While Walking, Fabian’s Umbrella got Away With Wind And He Was Getting Wet But Then He Saw Someone Behind him It Was girl With A red umbrella Her Hairs Were Tied And She Was in A beautiful White Dress She ask Fabian to Come Inside the Umbrella .They Start Walking For school Fabian asked What’s Your Name  She Said Her Name Is “Nina Martin” As Fabian Heard this He Was shocked He Said Yesterday “it Was You Yesterday we were chatting ” She said ” Yes I saw You Yesterday I thought May be You Saw Me And That’s Why you Texted Me ” Fabian asked  Her “Why you Texted Me Like That It’s better And All” After Hearing This Nina Replied ” I thought Let’s See  Are You Coward or Not  ohh yea you aren’t and she giggled” And Then Fabian Remembers If She Is Nina  Martin Who Was The Girl I saw  Yesterday And Fabian  said To Nina “On School Account Their Is Your Name And some Others Girls photo” After Hearing This Nina Said ” I know Fabian You Trying To scare Beacause I did But It’s not gonna work ” And Fabian Said” I am saying True “In serious Voice   After Seeing Seriousness on Fabian’s Face Nina Got  Scared And they Both Go To Their School And They Checked Again It Was Same It Was Another Girls photo and Name Nina Martin After Seeing This They Both Get Shocked And So They Go To Principal’s Office And Ask Them To Search For Nina Martin Profile And So Principle opens his School file in computer  And started To Type Name letter By letter ” N I N A  M A R T I N” and clicks Search And A photo Appears And it Was Not The other Girl The Photo Was Changed It Was The Photo Of Original Nina Martin seeing This they both Gets scared And Started To Think Who Changed this photos In Fraction of seconds principle Said Them  to ” Stop Playing Prank and Go to Their Classes They Both Started To Walk to Their ClassThinking About What Happened To That Girl But They Were Clueless And After Fabian And Nina Go To Their class A phone Rang In Principal’s Office Principle Takes The call And voice From Other Side says ” did Anyone Asked About The Girl ” And principle Said ” No Two Students Came Asking About Her But They Won’t be problem ” and Keeps The phone  And Seat in His chair And start Working

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