What’s Love We All Think Its Something like  Butterfly In Stomach It’s More Than That.
When You Meet The Right Person  You Find Love  In Them ,  You’ll Not feel Something Called Lust Or AnyOther Feeling You’ll Just Feel Good For No Reason When You See Them They’ll Just Bring Smile On Your Face by Making You Laugh, Making You Feel Special Not By Doing Any big Stuff But Just By Small Things . If You Find Such Person In Your Life No matter What You Realtionship is friend, girlfriend Or boyfriend never Let That Person Go, No matter How Hard Situation is Try To Hold On If It’s His/ her’s Mistake Don’t take It On Your Mind Just Understand What Situation Is And  when Things Get cool Let them know. Sometimes Till The Time You’ll Realise He Was The One Or She Was The One May Be That Person We’ll Be Gone. No One’s Knows What’s Coming tomorrow , so If You got even Today Don’t delay It Talk To That persons Clear Your Misunderstanding . If You Haven’t Told Them What You Feel About Them , Let them Know, May Be There Chances They Are waiting For You to  Confess Your Feeling.  let them know all  Your Feelings Don’t Think About What They’ll Say After You say Your Feelings They’ll Either  Say Yes Or No But You’ll Be Happy Because You’ll Have A Satisfaction That You Atleast Told Them Your Feeling , You’ll Never Have An Guilt On your mind that If You Have Told Them Your Feelings What Would Have Happen. But If you Didn’t Confess Your Feeling may be You’ll end Up With Someone Who Was Just Trying To Attract you By acting Like They  Care About You Saying Dialogues And Etc. The Person Who will Get Jealous Who Will Always Make Time For You No Matter How Busy They Are , They Will Always Try to make reason To meet You, They Will call You Unecessary , They’ll Be Your Girlfriend Or boyfriend But Will Always Behave Like They Are Your Best Friend , Theyll Write Stupid Songs For You Or Something Special For you But Will Always Try To Do Something For You because  They Love You.  They Will Ignore You Too When They’ll Get Angry  .due to That May be they’ll Stop Talking to You, But after Sometime Again They Will Try To Contact You This All Happens Beacause They Are Mixed With Feeling where they love You But May be There is something Which is  brothering Them.  But Whenever You’ll Feel Low Stressfull Alone They’ll Always Be there  For You They’ll Talk To You They’ll Give You Right Advice They’ll Support You in Everything, They’ll Listen To You , They’ll Understand Your Problem ,  Sometimes Even When You don’t let them know Your Problems Or How SStressfull Youre They’ll Know It and Be They  For You, We’ll never know How They Understood The Things or Mood We Are In Even Without Saying Anything To Them because This is love

the Person’s Who Loves You Will Not Only Understand What You Said But Also What You Didn’t And Will Stay By your Side When You’ll Need Them They’ll Be There 

So  If You Have this kind Of Person In Your Life And Who Keeps Doing This all Things Now It’s Your Turn To do something Special for Them , If They Are Angry On You Make Them Up By Doing Something Special No Matter What Your Realtionship Is With Your Loved ones is Enjoy Moments With Them.

Author: kabirastic

Taking A Leap Of Faith Instagram- Kabirastic

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