Everything Has Some Reason,Everyone Has Some Dreams, Everyone Has Some Destination. It Just Depends On Us Wheather We Work  Hard or Not To achieve Our Destination, Our dreams. sometimes God Itself Gives A spin To Your Life And unknowingly You Start Your Journey To Your Destination. So This Is what Happens here……

Part- 1

 Fabian Rutter One Of Popular, Handsome And Kind Hearted  college Guy Who Stays In Riverside city . It   Was Full Moon Night at Riverside City . Fabian Was On His   Terrace . He Was into Some Deep thoughts . As Cold breeze Was Flowing He put On his Headphones And Sat on The Chair And Started to Think Again ,  Music Was Playing In His Ears His hand Was On his forehead and in other Hand He was Holding His Phone And Suddenly A notification Appeared On His screen , The Notification Was ” Nina Martin started to Follow  You On Instagram ” As It Was Not So Important He ignored It And Kept mobile Aside And Slept. ( BUT little Did He did Not Know Was the Name Nina martin Was Going To change His Life )

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Author: kabirastic

Taking A Leap Of Faith Instagram- Kabirastic

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